I don’t believe in homeopathy


I’ll let you into a secret: you don’t have to.

I didn’t know anything about homeopathy before I started studying alternative medicine. Then, on a friend’s recommendation, I went to see a homeopath for a recurring health issue that conventional medicine wasn’t helping with (if I remember rightly it was cystitis, which is never much fun). I knew very little about homeopathy, understood less and, as is often the way when you don’t understand something, I was quite sceptical about it. So I went to see this homeopath with the mental attitude: go on then, show me what you can do! Within a couple of weeks, the problem was gone – never to return.

The great thing about homeopathy is you don’t have to believe in it. It works regardless of belief or scepticism. A homeopath sees this fact in action on a daily basis. I give my daughter a remedy for a persistent, high fever and the fever goes down within minutes. She’s only two, so belief doesn’t really come into it. I give my cat a remedy for a corneal ulcer after two different vets tell me there’s nothing you can do. The ulcer gradually disappears and never comes back. Now I can’t question my cat, but I’m guessing you understand where I’m going with this?

So, whether you believe in homeopathy or not, I would always recommend trying it for yourself. You might be surprised!


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