Where can I buy homeopathic remedies?

homeopathic remedies

There are specialist homeopathic pharmacies in London, but if you live in the countryside like I do, it’s not quite as easy to access remedies. The health food shops in Helston, Falmouth and Penzance stock a basic range of remedies and potencies. Their range of food and herbal supplements, flower remedies and tissue salts is much wider.

Fortunately, because the UK has such a strong tradition of homeopathy, we have a couple of very good homeopathic pharmacies: one is Ainsworths and the other is Helios. You’ll find both of them online. You can order remedies via the website or by telephone and they send them to you in the post, which generally takes 1-2 days. It’s a great service and one I use regularly for me and my patients.

But what about emergencies? Illnesses always strike on a Friday night, right? This is where your home remedy kit comes into play. I always recommend people buy a basic home remedy kit (available from Helios or Ainsworths), so when illness strikes, you’re equipped to deal with it without leaving the house. Home remedy kits also come with a helpful booklet that helps you treat simple acutes. A kit costs something in the region of 50 pounds, depending on how many remedies it contains. That may seem a lot, but one kit will last you years and years. And what is more, you’ll no longer feel helpless when illness strikes in the middle of the night. If you would like recommendations for home remedy kits and helpful guides to use at home, please talk to me!

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